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I usually do not like devotionals, but when I saw this devo from Max Lucado, I could not pass it up. My wife and I own almost all of his books, and his words have really blessed me in the past. So, I decided to do a devotional or two a day from this book, and it was a great idea. Max Lucado does not write the usual devotional about how everything is always going to be fine. Instead he addresses issues and deals with the everyday problems of the average person.

The book is about experiencing Gods presence in everyday life and I believe it has succeeded. Once again, I usually hate devotionals. I can barely get through a page before I wanna throw the book out the window, but I must say it was hard to put this one down. I had to force myself to save some for other days. I really felt God in the text, and the scriptures He uses are dead on for the circumstances in the book.

If you are looking for a devotional that deals with your problems but still speaks truth into your life, than Live Loved is for you. If you read a story a day, it’s good for about half a year.

God bless you and I pray you would enjoy this book as much as I do.

Dan Fogarty.


The very definition of God is Love (p.47, 1John.4.7-8). This is a great book to have a small group with or just to read on a daily basis for 6 weeks. Calvin Miller does a great job of providing scripture to prove his points and also does a good job of making the reader read their Bible every day in order to understand what the Miller is saying. Miller says, “the best thing about the good news is that forgiveness of sin was immensely simplified when Jesus took upon Himself the sacrificial work of the cross” (p.31). That is Love right there; Jesus forgiving sinners of something they do not deserve. The book covers forgiveness, giving and love very well for such a small book. Miller says, “the primary evidence of love is giving” (p.7). If you do not give, how can you say you love people? Not just giving money, but time and talent can be given also. Miller encourages believers to give whatever and whenever they can. I have nothing but good things to say about this book. You should read it. Miller makes a book for every fruit of the spirit and I may try to get my hands on a couple of those to J God bless you and I pray you enjoy this book.