Sovereignty and Providence part 4: How Important is Hope?

Posted: December 16, 2011 in mens group OCT-DEC2011, Sovereignty

I believe I will start every week by restating these facts about God.
What are the ingredients of sovereignty?

1.1 Ownership

1.2 Authorship

1.3 Control

What is the providence of God?

God’s execution of His plan in your life and in the entire universe!

Sovereignty and providence… if you believe these facts about God, you should sleep well at night.

How important is hope?

Very important! Without it, no one would go to school in hopes to better themselves, no one would do research in hopes to better their understanding, no one would have any hopes for their future wife (or husband), their careers, their kids, their grandkids.

There would be no dreams without hope.

When we dream something, we have to hope (or believe) it comes true latter.

We cannot see Jesus, we trust in the promise and the hope that He will be back one day…

without hope, there is no faith.

Rom 8:24 For in this hope we were saved. Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees? But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.

Without hope, mans heart would die.

When Hope is gone, life is gone. (God Build, Steve Farrar, p.113)

Prov 13:12a Hope deferred makes the heart sick

The providence of God is greater than all of our understandings.

He uses our broken hopes for His Glory.

Broken hopes are one of the tools of God’s workshop. (God Build, Steve Farrar, p.114)

After being wrongfully imprisoned, Joseph will have his hopes raised, only to be crushed again.

The Cupbearer and the baker are in prison for a while, and Joseph sees one day they look a little upset.

So He asks them why, and they tell him that they have had dreams with no one to interpret them. (Gen 40:1-15) God provides Joseph with instant wisdom to interpret the dreams, and he is 100% accurate.

A cupbearer was a trusted associate, and this was not just any cup bearer; this was pharaohs cupbearer. Joseph had an inside connection, and it gave Joseph hope again because now someone with the power to get him out of jail actually could get him out of jail!

When the cup bearer was summonsed, Joseph must have thought, “THIS IS IT… I’M GONNA GET OUT OF HERE.”

To me, if someone had told me something this important, I think I would remember, but what does the cupbearer do… forgets him.

How could he forget him? I mean Joseph gave the cupbearer hope, he prophesied a good word over him, and he just forgot about Joseph.

Josephs hopes were once again broken.

How could the cupbearer have forgotten? Because… God made him forget. It wasn’t the right time for Joseph to get out.

Later on he would remember at just the right time.

How would he remember? God made him remember.

He makes us forget things and remember things, because he controls the whole universe. He had planned what happened for Joseph before Joseph was even born. He knew a famine would come, and He equipped Joseph to be able to deal with the famine.

He got practice in at Potiphers house, and then again in the jail. God was making him ready to take on the task of saving an entire nation of people.

But of course, Joseph does not see that. He is broken. Three times in his life he had great hopes, now once again, the cupbearer took all the hope he had left.

God uses our broken hopes to help us, but we cannot see it when it is happening.

There is a man named Steve Saint. You may have heard of him, when he was 5, his father and 4 of his friends died attempting to witness to the Waodani tribe. This tribe was known for its savage nature, and they killed everything that crossed their paths.

Now, Saint lives with the families of the same people who speared his father to death. They received Christ after the wives of the dead missionaries picked up the torch and decided that God was going to have the glory.

Of course, saint could be bitter, he could be upset, he could kill some of them, but he doesn’t, instead this is what he said in a book he wrote at age 55.

I think it fit God’s plan for all five men to die… I don’t think what happened to my dad and his four friends caught God by surprise. Nor do I think God simply allowed it to happen… I have come to the conclusion that God did not look away…He planned it to happen… only God could fashion such an incredible story from such a tragic event… Because my father was allowed to die, many others will have a chance to live… If I could go back and rewrite the script, I would not change a single scene… live is to complex and to short to let amateurs direct the story, I would rather let the Master Storyteller do the writing. . (God Build, Steve Farrar, p.126)

And that’s where we should be folks. We should let God write our story and not try to fix things and help Him out.

We should trust in Jesus and let our hope be in Him.

God Bless,

Dan Fogarty.


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