31 Days of Power leaves you wanting more

Posted: May 7, 2011 in Book Reviews

For me, devotionals usually fall a little short and this was no exception.

In 31 Days of Power Ruth Myers attempts to teach the reader about Spiritual victory. The daily readings are sound and I did enjoy some of her insight. However, I feel that she loosely ties in scriptures that may not really mean what she says it does toward the end of the book. Also, toward the end of the book she talks about how demons were oppressing Christians, in a way that would lead one to think that they were possessed. As a Christian I hold the belief that you cannot be possessed by a demon with Jesus living inside you. There is some debate on that issue, but I still take the stance that it cannot happen.

I thought I would be getting more when I read the cover: Learning to Live in Spiritual Victory, but really the book is Christianity 101. She does not break down scripture, and she lists many. She does not (in my opinion) teach or empower anything, so the title is a bit misleading.

I did really enjoy the parts where she says that our ministry is not casting out demons; it is bringing Christ to the world. So many books focus on Demons and Devils when the primary focus should be on Jesus, and Ruth Myers does say that in the text. Overall it was not a horrible book, I certainly did get some good insights from her use of scripture. It could be great for a new Christian to read, but most of the content is basic knowledge to the believer.

Still, you can get something out of 31 Days of Power, however I would not pay for it.


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