the right tool makes all the difference

Posted: April 23, 2011 in Random

for those hard to reach places

In my condo there is a giant opening between the stairs and the wall. The entry opens up pretty wide, and it is almost impossible to reach without a very large ladder. I just stained my steps, so I did not want to risk putting a ladder on them… then I though I would just tape my brush to something longer! It worked, but I am sure there is a better tool for this project, I just did not have one.

Its the same with churches and ministry. Some people are just not using the right tools. They have the same message to the same people forever and ever until Jesus comes. While they do not grow at all or maybe even shrink, they talk about how they are an uncompromising church.

Since when do you have to compromise to reach the lost? Paul quoted secular poets in the Bible to make his point to the masses of that town (Titus.1.12). He also told some new converts only to abstain from sexual sins and blood (Acts.15). He could have stood on a soapbox and told everyone they were going to Hell, but he didn’t, he reached the masses for Jesus by talking to them about things they would understand. Paul said he was all things to all men (1 Cor 9:19-23).

Its time to reach the lost on their grounds with a message they will understand. If we use the right tools, we will get better results! I know I wanna reach more souls for Jesus, don’t you?

Lets get the right tools for the job.

God bless you,

Dan Fogarty.


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