your willingness = your usefulness to God!

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Norfolk Adventures, Truth

Lately my head has been wrapped around all sorts of things. Last week I wrote a small book and took 2 midterms. This week I ripped up my stairs (with a lot of help from Joel, thanks man!), sanded and stained the wood. I am planning some activities for me and my cool wife’s 1 year anniversary, and I have homework due all the time with finals in 3 weeks.

Although I am extremely busy, it seems that no matter what door I step through, I always end up in God’s Will.

When we moved to Virginia we had plans to start a brand new church. However, now that I am here it is clear that God had different intentions. Sometimes when you think you are going to do one thing you actually end up doing something else.

In John MacArthers book ‘Found: God’s Will’, he describes how a man told him he wanted to go to Paris and speak to the Jewish people there about Jesus. He decided to go, and ended up in Canada… He spoke French fluently and is now serving the people in Canada the same way he would have served the people in Paris. He was willing to go, and God used Him, but not the way he thought God would.

That is what happens to allot of us. We think God’s will is one way, but then it turns out to be something completely different. I thought I would be planting a church in Norfolk, and now I am working to advance the kingdom in the military department of Harvest Church Central. That is how God works. Once He realizes you are going to take that plunge, He changes things up on you.

Your willingness will determine your usefulness to God.

We could have stayed in MI where we had friends and family, but Crystal and I were willing to step out in total obedience, and God has rewarded us. We started going to Harvest totally available to be used, and God opened up an opportunity for us in the military department. Perfect timing? Of course, Gods timing! He will bring it all together when you step out in faith.

If things do not work out the way you thought, that is ok, as long as they work out the way God wants. His ways are greater than ours.

Is 55:8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.

Have you had something work out in a totally different way that you imagined at first?

Leave a comment on a time when you thought God wanted one thing but then wanted something else.

Jesus is risen.

  1. crystal fogarty says:

    IM sad at times But excited that God brought us to Virginia!!! And of course Harvest Church!!! Love you!

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