Sound teaching from Shaun Alexander in: The Walk

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Book Reviews

From the beginning Christian to the seasoned elder, we all have one thing in common; we made a choice to walk with God. In this book Shaun Alexander tells his story and also provides scripture and sound teaching for any Christian. The book addresses non-believers as well. I think anyone could pick up this book and find answers to some of the hard questions about Christianity.

Shaun Alexander talks about how God told him to do and say certain things, and that is a characteristic of someone who walks very close to God. He talks about Enoch’s 300 year walk, and other heroes of the faith.

He is a great example of what a Christian should act like in the NFL or any other sport. So many people score a touchdown and than thank God, just to go off and get a DUI, rape someone or cheat on their wife. Shaun Alexander is a great role model for an up and coming football star.

The likes of John Bevere and Mark Batterson have endorsed The Walk.

A great read for any part of your spiritual journey.


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