Max on Life: a Q and A with a spiritual leader

Posted: April 19, 2011 in Book Reviews

Have you ever wanted some spiritual advice on a specific question, but did not know where to turn? Maybe you attend a mega church and talking to the pastor is impossible. Maybe you have constant access to a pastor, but would like to know a writers perspective. Whatever the case, we all have questions.

In Max Lucado’s new book Max on Life the author dives into 172 questions that he has received over the years. The 7 sections hope, hurt, help, him/her, home, have’s/have-not’s and hereafter are constructed to answer a wide variety of questions. His answers are thorough and complete, sympathizing with the reader while maintaining a spiritual integrity. He provides scripture all through the book and makes no apology for answering with the truth.

Some quotes that struck me were:
“Belief is having a firm conviction, not hoping it’s true”
“You don’t have to toss common sense out the door to embrace the resurrection. In fact, it’s just as challenging, or more so, to disprove the resurrection as to prove it.”
“Prayer reminds you who is in charge. You don’t take your requests to someone with less authority. You take them to someone who outranks you”

There are many more, but I would run out of room.

In a day filled with such uncertainty so many are seeking answers. Max on life provides those answers in plain English without giving in to any new aged preaching sort of thing. I will use the tools in this book to teach others and refer family to the text as well.

The best part is that even if you are not a Christian you will find the book engaging. Max Lucado answers all sorts of questions on Heaven, Hell and conflicts within the Christian and secular realm. Many of the questions I had about Christianity before I took the plunge our answered here.

If you buy the book you will not be disappointed.

I am giving away a copy for free in-fact! If you go to and click like. You will be entered into a drawing that ends on May 5th at midnight.

Good luck and God bless.


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